Empowering Everyone to Create

Embark Studios is a Stockholm-based games studio, on a mission to blur the line between playing and making.

Technology is reshaping our industry. We want to be part of this change, by exploring and applying the latest technology, by being honest and transparent in our relationship with each other and our community, and by allowing our curiosity to lead us down unexpected paths.

In our open source work, we're exploring and pushing the boundaries of new technologies, and sharing our learnings with the community.

Embark + Blender

Blender is a great example of what happens when powerful software is made available for everyone to use, and communities start to work together to change the status quo.

Some of our day-to-day studio tools are released as open-source.

πŸ¦€ Rust at Embark

When we started Embark, we chose Rust as our primary language for the long term future we are building. We love the safety and robustness of the language, the ability to write high performance, safe, and (mostly) bug free code and then fearlessly refactor and change it without common lifetime/ownership, memory safety or race condition problems.

Possibly even more important is the openness and collaborative nature of the quickly growing ecosystem and community around Rust. With tens of thousands of open source crates on and a best-in-class package system, cargo, we truly believe Rust is a language for the future.

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